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Can’t see, my body’s gone numb God’s going to kill you if I don’t get you first DUCK! Summertime blues that’s what my life’s like now Open the skies and wash out the scum I’m misunderstood that’s what my life’s about
Try to tell me what I’m about First time they laugh, second time they cry woes Patrols try to make me stop and give it up Backed into a dark corner of my mind To choose between fight or flight But really I want to feel
Lazy days Brain steams You get it all Smoke alarm Try not to wake up again Now I’m through Cold boys on deck Lolos drive by Armory Park With my boys tonight Tucson for life Tucson too tough to die now you wake up
You’re fucking dead to me Lying still you wait for me Stealthy move you won’t see my face Nothings free, no mercy In this life, you won’t win Got to pay, I won’t care at all Revenge then bolt Kneel to king Take them all Vengeance Dad
FORCE FED With countless burning lies FORCE FED Words of wisdom fly FORCE FED Another half decade FORCE FED But no one turned the tide Watching all these crooks Suiting up to shine Force feeding their fibs Into our open mouths We’re quietly lining up To fill the ballot box Waiting for the D day But tomorrow will be the same FORCE FED Revolution won’t come FORCE FED Discard your bright ideals FORCE FED Swallow your daily grind FORCE FED There’s no hope left for mankind
Anhedonia My head’s a warzone Anhedonia I can be colder than stone Life is wonderful How can’t it be ? Grass is green Sun is shining Loved ones are smilling Still a dark shroud Blurs my sight Turning colors Into dull shades of grey Brainsick Anhedonia Illness is spreading Anhedonia Pulling until I’m down Carring a millstone My brain’s calling a strike Swiming in a lake of apathy My head is fucked I’m terrified by my abscence of feelings I can prentend all is cool Lying to protect the ones who’d care There’s nothing to worry about Let’s see how long I can hold tight
9/10/04 That one call, the turning point Opened the pit of sorrow Dragging everything around Anything I’ll ever have again Luck, love, life Faith, bliss, goals, Into a bottomless hole Turning all hopes For better days to ashes Tears keep pouring out From my dry eyes A cry for help No one has to hear Ancient wounds Still skinless That time won’t heal An endless fall Into the bottomless hole Until the final dark The endless fall has begun I can’t carry the weight My fears are keeping pressure I’m desperate to find an escape My nails are being pulled off As I’m clinging to the walls Of this bottomless hole I can’t split from the endless fall
Doomed to this curse Life sentenced Until everything Fips inside out The worst feeling Turning into a primary need A dash of time When nothing ’s real Sheer pressure Vanishes in a dark room A personal enclave Set apart For my own sake Prisoner of my will I can never be satisfied Give me black I’ll ask for white Sheer pressure Vanishes in a dark room A personal enclave Isolation Set apart For my own sake Prisoner of my will Isolation Loneliness A subtle gift to appreciate Loneliness Flee from me I'll look for you


This SEX PRISONER / HARM DONE - Split 12"/Tape/CD is a 4 labels release :

STRAIGHT & ALERT records - RST records for Europe.
DEEP SIX records - TO LIVE A LIE records for USA.

ORDER the 12" here :

Tape and CD version only available on www.straightandalert.com

G. Flores : Drums
K. Kennedy : Vocals
K. Kennedy : Bass/ Vocals
M. Underwood : Guitar


Alexxx : Vocals
Rom Tex : Guitars
Benou : Bass
Corentin : Drums

Contact / booking :


SEX PRISONER songs recorded with Ryan Bram at Homewrecker studios in 2015.
HARM DONE songs recorded with Mika at Wees studio in May 2017.

Mastering by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound.
Art by Sebastian a.k.a Negativ Null, layout by Alexis.


released September 26, 2017


all rights reserved



HARM DONE Nantes, France

Harm Done :

Alexxx : Vocals
Rom Tex : Guitars
Benou : Bass
Corentin : Drums

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